How to become a model? 

Is the question many young girls have in their mind. It all starts from you and just from your way you see it.

What do I need to be come a model?
1. Good body with a shape 32-28-33, 
2. Height of at least 5.2 feet
3. Flawless skin, at least on face
4. Burning desire to become a model

These are the basic qualities you need to start with, no problem if you do not have the above 4 qualification. We can develop one by one.

Good body with a shape : Find a gym near your place and a good trainer, tell him that you need to shape your body to be a fashion model. Just follow his instructions and start it right away. The most important part is have a book and start measuring your bust, waist and hips every 2 days and you will see the numbers nearing to what you need.

Height : If you have a toned and super shape body, then no one cares about your height. Any way there are treatments to a considerable height growth. The other alternate is using a high heeled shoe.

Flawless skin : Some of them are gifted with it but if you are not no worries, some skin care centers have ways to help you. Try cleaning your face with water every 2 hours to make it clean and fresh. Dry it with a soft towel.

Burning desire : To be a model, live like a model straight from your heart. LOVE it , BREATH it, LIVE it.