Modeling industry is the same as any other industry in many ways, but its edge is, it can make you famous in a very short period if you deserve it or if you are qualified for it.

Prepare yourself: 

 'Preparation is half won battle' is what a genius said long back. So how much is your preparation.

If you have prepared 10% then success is 10%, If you have prepared 200% then success is 200% and not 100% is what all arts are about. So evaluate where you are now.

Just answer these questions..
1. How many years /months your are trying to become a model?
2. Have you shaped your body?
3. Have you straighten your hair?
4. Have you found your best dress?
5. Have you found the best colour that suit you?
6. Have you tried to imitate a make up or style you seen in a magazine?
7. Have you tried Lingerie on you?
8. How many shoots you tried and succeeded
9. Do you have a portfolio?

If you have answered the 9 questions with 'Yes' then you are ready, else please work on it.

Once you have 'Yes' for all 9 question your are confident to be a model.

How to become a model? 

Is the question many young girls have in their mind. It all starts from you and just from your way you see it.

What do I need to be come a model?
1. Good body with a shape 32-28-33, 
2. Height of at least 5.2 feet
3. Flawless skin, at least on face
4. Burning desire to become a model

These are the basic qualities you need to start with, no problem if you do not have the above 4 qualification. We can develop one by one.

Good body with a shape : Find a gym near your place and a good trainer, tell him that you need to shape your body to be a fashion model. Just follow his instructions and start it right away. The most important part is have a book and start measuring your bust, waist and hips every 2 days and you will see the numbers nearing to what you need.

Height : If you have a toned and super shape body, then no one cares about your height. Any way there are treatments to a considerable height growth. The other alternate is using a high heeled shoe.

Flawless skin : Some of them are gifted with it but if you are not no worries, some skin care centers have ways to help you. Try cleaning your face with water every 2 hours to make it clean and fresh. Dry it with a soft towel.

Burning desire : To be a model, live like a model straight from your heart. LOVE it , BREATH it, LIVE it.

We planned this shoot with the theme of the Tomb Raider - Lara Croft without guns, but we also did not use any lights for this shoot. All we used was canon DSLR and just natural light. More over the location was a car park in the 4th floor. This taught my crew a lot on what natural light can do.